• Nature Invasions


    Emilia Storm
    Installation Art.

  • Current exhibition

    Nature Invasions 2021. Prices On Application.

  • Nature Invasions


    Organisms such as lichen and fungus sneak into places when the conditions permit it to flourish. I like the idea of this nature invasion or infections, infiltrating and changing our places by reshaping, with smoothing running waters or spors carried in the wind.

    This re-wilding feels calming yet still radical and transformative

    Human activity has reshaped the environment. Nature Invasions wants to see a better relationship between people and nature. Representations of new beginnings for life in built environments inspire us to be adaptable and embrace nature’s wisdom as a part of a healthy world view. Nature Invasions brings nature inspired design wisdom of re-wild- ing into the built environment both public and private spaces.


    The processes of making the work involve a highly technical industrial

    metal -work technique called aluminium anodising.
    It involves electrocuting metal under water in an acidic bath and then applying mineral colour and mark making. The process takes a lot of steps, but the actual creative stage happens quickly in a whirlwind of energy expressed in the finished work. The mineral colour becomes fused into the actual metal surface and that is why such lustrous colours are possible.

    “ I would like my work this re-wilding/nature calling and invited chaos to in- habit places as art and design objects and to speak with the body as wearable art pieces, to softly disrupt and defuse the expected.”

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    Emilia Storm wearables for sale. 

    Call for enquiries. Phone 0438 386 931

     Pieces are evolving and these photos are indicative!

    Stockists: The Boroughs- East Brunswick, Klei,- High Street Northcote

     SHOP! - QVWC Lonsdale Street Melbourne, and King and Ayres in Wollongong



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